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Micro Chip

Micro Chip

How often have you read stories about lost pets in newspapers, or on-line? Have you ever been worried about your pet getting out of the house, or running from the back yard? Thankfully, there is an easy solution to help with your worry. A microchip placed under the skin of the animal considerably increases the chances of it being found when lost. A microchip can be easily inserted with the help of a needle, just under your pets’ skin, usually located between the shoulder blades. Once inserted, a scanner can quickly and easily read the identification number within the microchip, helping to ensure the animal is returned to its owner when located. At GRAH, we routinely provide microchipping service to pets in an easy and relatively painless manner.

Historically, pet owners relied upon information contained on their pet’s collar to assist in the time of emergency. However, collars can often come off and thieves can easily remove them if so intentioned. Microchipping however is inserted just under your pet’s skin, which means that no one other than a trained veterinary professional can intentionally locate it, or remove it. The tiny microchip can only be read by an electronic scanner which will reveal the individual identification number of your pet when scanned.

After the microchip is inserted, it never wears out and it cannot be reprogrammed. It does not contain any sensitive information other than your pet’s unique identification number which is registered with the database of the manufacturer along with your emergency phone number. Scanners are used by veterinary clinics, animal shelters and animal control departments working together to locate your pet.