GARDINERS road animal hospital

Gardeners road animal hospital


Surgery and Anesthesia

Spaying or neutering your pet not only prevents unwanted negative behaviour, it can also protect them from developing serious illnesses in the future such as testicular, prostate, uterine and mammary gland cancer. Our veterinarian and clinical staff are able to complete these routine surgical procedures in-house and under local anesthesia.

Elective surgery for your pet may become necessary when it is suffering from a disease or comorbidity that cannot be treated using topical creams, or medications alone. Any surgical treatment requires the services of a professional, as any surgery however routine it may be, is a delicate process.

At GRAH, we recognize these worries of pet owners considering surgery for their pets. Our veterinarian and clinical staff minimize risk wherever possible, but too work to ensure the post-surgical pain of the pet is minimized through the utilization of anesthesia before surgery actually starts, and with available medications following surgery.