Is Gardiners Road Animal Hospital Open on Weekends?  

If you are looking for an animal hospital that remains open on weekends, you are at the right place because GRAH is opened on the weekend too.  

 Because we know the situation of pet owners and the alarming world and we have to prepare for any bad situation happening with our pet. We are always here to help you and we are known as one of the best veterinaries animal hospital in Kingston. 

Is Pet Emergency Care Service Available After Opening Hours at GRAH? 

Yes, we are also available for any emergency care after opening hours. You can call us at our given number for the emergency of your pet. 


Emergency Care 

Much of the time, our pets are most active when we are; evenings, weekends, and holidays. It is not uncommon that an injury or unforeseen illness may occur into the evening hours, or over the weekend. This can be worrisome on many levels, not only for the pet owner, however too for the pet, where any delay in attending to the medical emergency could prove costly.  

 At GRAH, we are committed to being available for emergency situations, where our goal is to provide after-hours and emergency service as an extension of our routine veterinary services. Our communication lines will remain open to ensure that no pet owner feels alone in a time of emergency, and where needed, an experienced veterinarian will attend to assist. If it is an emergency for you, it will be an emergency for us. Please call as soon as you are aware of a suspected issue, to allow us an opportunity to have emergency staff available to support your needs immediately. 

Is Laboratory Service Available at GRAH?  

Veterinarians may recommend different diagnostic or laboratory testing which can be necessary for helping to both diagnose a medical condition and helping to inform the correct treatment course. At GRAH we have a fully equipped laboratory in-house allowing us to do urine, stool, and blood testing quickly and easily, and at a lower cost than a third-party laboratory. More timely and accurate results lead to more timely treatment for your cat and dog. 

At GRAH, given the in-house pet lab Kingston, any needed samples can be tested while the veterinarian is simultaneously performing the physical exam. Although some medical conditions will develop physical symptoms that can be immediately diagnosed through physical exams alone, others require testing to determine the presence of parasites and other sample-related pathogens. The combination of professional and thorough physical examination and immediate laboratory results will lead to more effective treatment of your pets condition. 


In some circumstances, special laboratory testing may be required for further analysis of complicated comorbidities, and in those rare cases, GRAH has a working partnership with third-party laboratories to ensure timely results. 

Is Pharmacy Service Available at GRAH? 

Much like their human owners, pets will also need medicines and related products from time to time, depending upon their health, age, and environment. Even in growing urban centers, there are times when pet owners cannot locate much-needed medications or related products for their pets easily. GRAH provides full pharmacy services to its clients, in order to ensure immediate access to all prescribed medications, shampoos, vitamins, and other healthcare supplements for their pets easily, and at affordable prices. 

Our pet pharmacy Kingston provides only the best products, made by top-performing companies that are renowned for their reliable and effective pet medicines and accessories. We strive to have each and every product that you will ever need to maintain the health of your pet. Whether it is vitamins and health supplements, daily nutritional requirements, dental care products, or prescribed medication, pet owners will find everything available in our in-house pet pharmacy. 


Parasite control products are also available within the pharmacy year-round, including different sprays and lotions as are prescribed. The pet pharmacy is equipped to manage requests for nearly all over-the-counter medications, soaps, shampoos, and other accessories required by pet owners on a daily basis. 

Preventive Health Care Services at GRAH 

  • Yearly health exam service 
  • Vaccination service 
  • Parasite Control service 
  • Dental Care service 
  • Micro Chip service 
  • Nutrition service 

All preventive health care services are provided by GRAH. If you have to need any of the above help or service regarding your pet you can visit GRAH KINGSTON. 

At GRAH, we have a diverse and talented team of Veterinary professionals. You can trust the skills of our vets, leaving the care and treatment of your pet in their capable hands. Let us earn your trust by becoming one of our veterinary families at GRAH