Pet Microchip

A pet microchip is a minuscule device that contains an ID number attached to interesting identifying data about a pet. The size of a grain of rice, this device can be checked to attach your personal data to a creature. If your pet at any point disappears, this is priceless if you need them to be gotten back to you. 

At Grah Kingston, we are providing quality Pet Microchip Service. We are known as one of the best dogs and cat Micro Chip vet clinics in Kingston. As per Petfinder, more than 10 million pets disappear each year, and one out of three pets will disappear sooner or later in their life. 

Losing your pet can be a horrendous and surprisingly grievous occasion. Faithful pet watchmen ensure their pets with chokers and ID labels. Shockingly, restraints and ID labels are not idiot-proof and canines and felines can in any case get lost. Restraints can cushion or tumble off, leaving your dearest pet among the incalculable, unidentified lost wanderers at animal safe houses.


As a veterinarian who has worked at an animal asylum for more than ten years and has seen this pitiful situation replay for quite a while, I have come to understand that the genuine misfortune is the reality it can without much of a stretch be forestalled with the utilization of microchips. 

If solitary your pet could talk. If solitary your pet could tell a stranger who discovers him on the road his name and where he resides and who his owners are. In any case, your pet cant talk, and he cant tell anybody where he lives on the off chance that he gets lost. 

GPS gadgets and Microchips arent substitutes for one another; theyre reciprocal. And each is helpful to find a lost canine unexpectedly. A GPS may disclose to you where your canine is. yet it cant give your contact data to those close by that would help return him home. Kitten microchip service is also available at GRAH  

Why You Should Microchip Your Pets 

A microchip is a basic, small (about the size of a grain of rice), and reasonable approach to give your pet a voice. It enables your pet to tell the individual who discovers him what his identity is and where he resides. A microchip gives secure, dependable, and perpetual recognizable proof, which significantly improves the probability that your pet whenever lost, will be gotten back to you. 

Why A Pet Microchip Needs to Be Registered 

A microchip possibly tackles its work if it is enrolled with exceptional contact data in a pet recuperation data set. A similar report distributed in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association referenced above likewise demonstrated that solitary 58% of microchipped animals in covers have microchips that are enlisted in a data set with their proprietors contact data. That implies that more than 40% of the microchipped animals had microchips that were basically pointless. 

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Statistics On Lost Pets 
  •  10 million dogs and cats lost or stolen in the U.S. every year. 
  • One in three pets will become lost at some point during their lifetime. 
  • About 22 percent of lost dogs that enter animal shelters are reunited with their families. But the rate of return for microchipped dogs is more than 52 percent, which is a 238 percent increase. 

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