Vaccines play a major role in safekeeping your pet in good health. Puppies and kittens are mainly in danger of disease. GRAH Clinic follows the American Animal Hospital Associations (AAHA)  dog vaccination service, to give your new fuzzy family member the best start in life! 


Life is very exhilarating when youre a puppy, and in those first few months, your puppy will grasp a lot about their new family and surroundings. During this inspection, they may also be revealed to disease. Some vaccines are suggested for all puppies, others are lifestyle specify. The GRAH Clinic is ready to help you decide whats best for your pet! 

Core Vaccines  recommended for all puppies 

  • Distemper 
  • Hepatitis (Adenovirus) 
  • Parvo 
  • Rabies 

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DistemperHepatitis, and Parvo (DHPP/DAPP) are given as a mixture vaccine. The first vaccine is given at 8 weeks of age and then proponent every 4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. Almost all producer of this vaccine includes Canine Parainfluenza in the mixture 

The rabies vaccine is set once in the first year. The puppy must be at least 12 weeks old. We generally manage this vaccine with the last of the puppy series at 16 weeks of age. All dogs are juridically required to be vaccinated for Rabies. 

Non-Core Vaccines  recommended based on lifestyle 

  • Leptospirosis 
  • Lyme 
  • Bordetella kennel cough 
  • Canine Influenza 

At your appointment, we will ask questions about your puppys lifestyle to determine how best to keep them happy and healthy. 


Is a bacterial disease that your puppy may be revealed to exteriorly in moist surroundings or by subjection to infected animals? The disease can also be transferred to humans. This vaccine is often given in a mixture with DHPP/DAPP.


Disease mention as a bacterial infection transfer by ticks. Ticks are prevailing in our area and we have dogs that test positive for Lyme disease every year. The pet vaccination service, as well as using a monthly tick hindrance product and checking your puppys coat in-depth after walking in the woods, can help stop infection. This vaccine is many times given in mixture with DHPP/DAPP.



Are the bacteria most often behind what is known as Kennel Cough? This highly infectious upper respiratory disease is proceeding between dogs, and puppies may pain the most severe difficulty if infected. We recommend this vaccine to all puppies who may come into touch with other dogs. Most boarding kennels essential this vaccine.


Kittens are eager by nature. Vaccines are an important part of making sure they can continue to explore for many years to come.

Core Vaccines  recommended for all kittens 

  • Rhinotracheitis 
  • Calicivirus 
  • Panleukopenia 
  • Rabies 
  • Feline Leukemia Virus* 

RhinotracheitisCalicivirusand Panleukopenia are given in mixture (RCP) starting at 8 weeks and proponent every 4 weeks until 16 weeks old. This is important even for indoor cats, as these viruses can be fatal in danger cats, and can be transferred into your house on your clothing. 


the vaccine is given once in the first year. The kitten must be at least 12 weeks old. We generally administer this vaccine with the last of the kitten series at 16 weeks of age. 

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Feline Leukemia Virus* 

(FeLV) can only be shrink by close contact with another cat that has to shrink the virus. While not thinking about a core vaccine, the current guidance is for all kittens to receive the initial FeLV kitten vaccination service. Even if the kitten is never vaccinated for Leukemia again in its lifetime, there is some benefit from that initial kitten vaccination. 

Our veterinarian may suggest testing for Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus prior to vaccination. 

The veterinary team at GRAH will assess which vaccinations are required, specific to your pets needs as well as age and stage of development. Different vaccination packages are available at the clinic, which is priced according to the number of diseases they protect against. All vaccinations will be given as gently as possible to ensure the comfort of your pet in visiting with us at GRAH.