Vaccination has long been a successful method of reducing disease load in pets and agricultural animals, and it is an important tool in animal health and welfare. Vaccines play an increasingly important role in animal disease prevention and control programs.

Our pets and farm animals continue to benefit from critical medicines that prevent or reduce clinical signs of disease thanks to innovative research and the creation of safe, effective, and high-quality vaccines at animal hospital kingston.

Vaccines have a lengthy and good track record of illness prevention and control. Many of the disease concerns faced by pets and agricultural animals in the UK are addressed by the veterinary vaccinations are available today, resulting from years of innovative research.

Vaccines operate by increasing an animal's immune response without actually causing the disease. When healthy animals are vaccinated, their immune systems react to the vaccination and recall the infectious agent against which they were vaccinated. It means that if properly vaccinated, animals are exposed to the pathogen against which they have been vaccinated at animal vaccination service. They will be protected from disease.

Vaccination of Companion Animals

Vaccination is the most productive way to protect our dogs from many diseases, many of which are difficult or impossible to treat. Our dogs are rescued from illness despite the dangers they confront daily from the environment, travel, and direct and indirect contact with unvaccinated or infected animals.

Because each pet has various risk factors, it is critical to discuss them with the veterinarian to give appropriate immunizations. We make your life simple and unchallenging with the best services of kingston animal hospital.

Vaccination Protocol for Puppies

  • Distemper Adenovirus Type 2 at eight weeks of age (Hepatitis)

*Bordetella *Parvovirus *Parvovirus *Parvovirus *Parvovirus *Parvovirus *Parvovirus *Parvovirus * (if needed)

  • Distemper Adenovirus Type 2 at 12 Weeks (Hepatitis)


Lyme disease is a type of tick-borne illness that

*Bordetella *Leptospirosis (if needed) (if needed)

  • Distemper Adenovirus Type 2 at 16 Weeks (Hepatitis)


Lyme disease is a type of tick-borne illness that

Bordetella (if required) and Lepto 2nd Booster (if needed)


Vaccinations are given every year after that at animal hospital kingston.

Vaccines aid in the prevention of a variety of ailments that affect pets. Vaccinating your pet is known for one of the simple ways to ensure that it lives a long and healthy life. There are many categories of vaccines and different vaccines for different diseases.

Vaccination is a practice with risks and advantages that you must consider for each pet's lifestyle and health. The veterinarian at the animal vaccination service can recommend a vaccination schedule that is safe and effective for your particular animal.

Vaccination Protocol for Kittens

  • Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Calicivirus Panleukopenia, 8 weeks old

*Feline Leukemia at 12 Weeks: Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Calicivirus Panleukopenia (if outdoors)

  • Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Calicivirus Panleukopenia, 16 weeks old

*Rabies *FeLeuk 2nd Booster (if outside)

The rabies vaccine alone costs $15 for dogs, and well-care packages start at $35, with the most full packages cost $90 and include a spay or neuter procedure and microchip.

The rabies vaccine alone costs $15 for cats, while well-care packages start at $20, with the most comprehensive package costing $55 and including spay or neuter operation and a microchip.

The cost of a rabies vaccine for qualifying low-income pet owners' pets is $5, and lower-cost pet care packages are available at kingston animal hospital.

Rest assured with the best Veterinarian

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Vaccinating Your Dog or Cat

Routine vaccines are comprised in all of our clinics' regular services, and we desire that dogs, rabbits and cats be vaccinated against these diseases on an annual basis. A vaccination appointment of animal hospital kingston entails far more than a simple injection.

Our veterinarians and nurses will examine your pet thoroughly to ensure that nothing is wrong, and they will listen to any of your worries or concerns. Consider what you will say to your vet regarding how your pet is doing and whether or not you have seen any changes.