GARDINERS road animal hospital

Gardeners road animal hospital

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The care and treatment of pets is a delicate task that requires not just the brilliance and professional skills of vets but also the compassion that they have for these animals of their clients. In the shape of Gardiners Road Animal Hospital(GRAH), you have found a perfect partner to look after the health of your beloved pet. We are there just a phone call away to provide all care and medical attention to your pet. You can have full faith and trust in the veterinary health services provided by our vets and the support staff. Rest assured that we will handle your loved animal with the same level of love and compassion that you expect from us.

Every pet is unique and so are his health needs. We understand this crucial aspect of the treatment of pets. Our highly professional and trained staff handles your pet in a gentle and loving manner to make it easier not just for the animal but also you, the owner of the animal. We understand the pain and suffering you go through when you see your pet in pain or suffering from any disease.

Give us a call at +1 613-634(KVET)5838 to not only book an appointment for your pet with our doctor but also to know the kind of services and help you can receive from us for looking after the health of your pet. You can also contact us by sending us an email at We provide not only preventive healthcare to your pet but also carry out diagnostics and therapy to make sure that your pet recovers from his ailment and goes back in the pink of health.


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Gardiners Road Animal Hospital.
625-Fortune Crescent, Unit 2
ON K7P 0L5.

Telephone: 613-634-(KVET)5838
Online Book : Click Here For Online Appointment

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