Dentistry Service Details

Dentistry Service Details


Dentistry & Dental X-Rays

Do you find that your pets’ breath has become stale, and not as fresh as it was when it was younger? Do you often move your face away when your dog or cat comes running to you for affection, given the strong odour? If yes, then your pet is probably suffering from an oral health issue. It could be a serious dental problem that needs to be treated. At GRAH, we provide total oral care solutions for your pet.

For optimum oral health, your pet needs regular dental checkups and routine oral care, as tartar and plaque can easily build up on its teeth, creating favourable conditions for bacteria to develop which can lead to several dental disease. Take a look at the following symptoms in your pet to know if it is time to visit our clinic for a dental care exam:

  • Discoloured teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Difficulty in eating food
  • Broken teeth

You can rely on the experienced veterinarian at GRAH to assess the total oral and dental needs of your pet. Dental exams can include X-rays used as a diagnostic tool to reveal the exact condition of your pets’ teeth and gums. Any required cleaning of teeth and gums will be carried out using advanced instruments, minimizing the time needed for treatment and any uncomfort for your pet. If required, in extreme circumstances, our veterinarian is trained to extract unhealthy teeth, using advanced oral surgery techniques to bring relief for your pet. Remember, only correct diagnosis, treatment and prevention can lead to proper oral care of your pet.

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