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X-rays have become a very common diagnostic tool in assisting with the diagnosis of multiple human conditions. The same X-ray technology can be used in helping to diagnose your pet. At GRAH, we have ultramodern facilities for taking abdominal X-rays of your pets. These X-rays help our veterinary team to diagnose various internal conditions such as a small foreign objects, stones in the bladder, confirmation of the size and shape of various organs and subsequently uncommon size and shape, as well as the presence of tumors that can be located deep inside the body of your pet.

Digital radiography is a painless way to get images of organs inside the body of your pet, eliminating the need for costly surgery. Instead, X-rays can reveal a lot about the health of your pet, quickly and easily, while being much less intrusive. X-rays can also help reveal diseases that can otherwise go unnoticed in a routine checkup or physical exam. Although taking radio-graphs is easy, taking just a few minutes, it might be necessary for your pet to be mildly sedated in order to ensure they are able to maintain proper positions during the X-ray.

Contrary to popular thought, which conceives that X-rays are meant for the detection of broken bones only, X-rays can also reveal anomalies inside the organs of your pets, helping the veterinary team to correctly diagnose the problem.

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