Parasite control Service Details

Parasite control Service details

Parasite control Service details
Parasite control Service details

Unfortunately, there are many types of ticks, mosquitoes, and insects that can make life more difficult for your pet. These parasites are present both inside and outdoors, all year round, however become widespread during the spring and autumn months. These tiny creatures find a home on the bodies of pets causing great inconvenience and irritation to them. Parasites can cause infection in pets if they are not adequately vaccinated against them.

In addition to common parasites as above, there are also lesser-known parasites like roundworm and whipworm that can infect your cat and dog easily. Many times, infections caused by parasites are transferred from pets to human beings in close contact. You can protect your pet, and your family, by taking your pet to GRAH where our veterinarians will develop a parasite control program customized to suit the conditions encountered by your pet.

Our veterinarians can carry out specific testing to diagnose the parasites affecting the health of your pet. Parasite testing and veterinary examinations are necessary to design a parasite control plan for your pet, understanding that although some parasites are immediately visible others are not, and may not be visible to the human eye, no matter how thorough the examination.

For example, a physical examination may fail to diagnose an intestinal parasite causing damage to your pet’s health, where a stool sample could certainly confirm the presence of those parasites quickly. We suggest our pet owners bring a stool sample from their pet along with them to their appointment, allowing us to identify possible parasites affecting the health of their pet quickly and easily.

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