GARDINERS road animal hospital

Gardeners road animal hospital

Dental care

Dental care

Routine dental care for your pet is very important to help to ensure it remains in prime healthy condition. Dental infection in both dogs and cats is very common, and as is so with humans, dental disease can be a precursor to other health infections. Dental disease can make it uncomfortable for your pet to eat properly, however oral issues can also lead to problems in the kidneys and heart. No matter how dedicated, it is not always possible for a pet owner to properly maintain the oral health care of the animal on their own. GRAH is there to provide preventative dental care services for your pet, within a routine best designed to maintain good oral health.

Statistically speaking, 4 out of every 5 pets (dogs and cats) suffer from periodontal disease by the time they reach the age of 3. Periodontal disease begins with a buildup of plaque, a thin film that can destroy gum tissue and if left untreated can also weaken the bones and tissue supporting strong and healthy teeth. Our veterinarian and trained clinical staff provide not only preventive dental care services, but are also trained to assess risk of any ongoing dental conditions, assessing for proper treatment. Just as you take care of your teeth and gums by cleaning them every day, having your pet’s teeth cleaned periodically by professionals can help to ensure your pet has healthy teeth and gums, preventing oral and dental disease.

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