GARDINERS road animal hospital

Gardeners road animal hospital


  • Dentistry / Dental X-Rays

    Dentistry / Dental X-Rays

    Dentistry & Dental X-Rays Do you find that your pets’ breath has become stale, and not as fresh as it…

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  • Micro Chip

    Micro Chip

    Micro Chip How often have you read stories about lost pets in newspapers, or on-line? Have you ever been worried…

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  • X-Rays


    X-rays X-rays have become a very common diagnostic tool in assisting with the diagnosis of multiple human conditions. The same…

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  • Yearly Health Exam

    Yearly Health Exam

    Yearly Health Exam Attending with your pet for an annual health checkup is a necessary tool in helping to keep…

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  • Vaccinations


    Vaccinations There are many types of infectious disease that your pet can catch if left unvaccinated. Routine and easily accessible…

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  • Parasite control

    Parasite control

    Parasite Control Unfortunately, there are many types of ticks, mosquitoes and insects that can make life more difficult for your…

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  • Nutrition


    Nutrition Ongoing proper nutrition, leading to optimum health and performance is an important goal for every pet owner. Understanding which…

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  • Dental care

    Dental care

    Dental care Routine dental care for your pet is very important to help to ensure it remains in prime healthy…

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  • Surgery-Anesthesia


    Surgery and Anesthesia Spaying or neutering your pet not only prevents unwanted negative behaviour, it can also protect them from…

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